About Me

I moved to Madrid to attend IE Business School in April 2010, and originally started this blog to catalog my experiences.  Before Madrid, I lived in Tucson, Arizona, United States since high school and also attended the University of Arizona.  Before that, I grew up in southern Wisconsin, USA, primarily Milwaukee.

In terms of career, it’s taken an interesting path over the years.  In the ’90s I attended the University of Arizona as a student in Aerospace Engineering, but by the time I graduated in 1999 I had 3 years of working in technical support jobs and the internet was booming so I shifted careers.  I loved how designing things on a computer wasn’t held back (very much) by the laws of physics, and how it was such a vibrant time in the industry with 23 year old CEOs and multi million dollar businesses out of nowhere.  Unfortunately the crash came less than two years later and it’s taken ten years to regain some of that optimism around technology.

In the interim as I worked on staff at the University of Arizona, I obtained another Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering (at the time I saw many IT opportunities that accepted Mechanical as a degree), and finally a Masters in Management Information Systems in 2005.  After that I spent a few years working at Raytheon, where I met a lot of very talented IT professionals who really helped push me forward in terms of my abilities.

This year, I co-founded a new iPhone based business here in Spain called DealBoss, SL.  You may question why we would keep an English name in a Spanish speaking country, but we just loved the name so much we went with it.  It’s been incredibly exciting and scary to be an entrepreneur, but we will see where this takes me.  Our first iPhone app should be shipping very shortly, so stay tuned.


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