Tech Startups:

Monday, April 4ths session was with Pedro Jareño from, a social travel website.

In order to come up with their business idea, Minube started with an analysis of how people use the internet to get travel.  At the time, sites were focused on the booking component of the trip, yet there is quite a bit that happens before that.  The process looks something like:

Inspiration > Planning > Comparing > Booking > Traveling > Sharing Memories

Yet at the time there was no focus on inspiration, the beginning of the travel process.  Minube focused on gaining a strong understanding of the people using their site, and how they used it, and has turned that into their competitive advantage.  As we have often seen in this course, focusing on the user and their needs can bring you great competitive advantage.  In addition, Minube also noted that people like to share their experiences and help others, so by tapping this instinct to generate more content works much like open source software.

One way in which earns revenue is by operating a “metasearch” that allows user to find trips.  However, as everything in travel depends on Google and search engine position, they feel it will be some time before they can be well established in this area (because they earn a relatively small amount per transaction they need scale to make this generate a lot of revenue).  Minube also earns revenue via commission from sponsored content from both public and private sources.

Another interesting thing to note about Minube, is that they did not launch in English.  As a Spanish speaking group, they wanted to focus on their strengths and also where the competition was less likely to be (in Spain, and in Spanish).  Now that they have gained size, they feel that now is the right time for an English language launch.  Also, in terms of launching in Latin America they lack the local connections there, even though the language is the same, and this has prevented that expansion.

Getting users is key because of the user generated content that drives the site.  They use contests to attract travelers, and inventiveness to have a friendly brand.

I think Minube was educational in a few different areas.  The lessons I took away were:

  • Be creative in how you raise revenue
  • Focus on the user’s needs
  • Be clever in how you attract users
  • Focus on your strengths along with your competitor’s weaknesses
  • The product is the key!
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  1. Hi!
    It was great to be there. Thanks for your post!

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