Weblogs SSL

Today in tech startups we are going to talk about Weblogs SL (http://www.weblogssl.com/), with Julio Alonso.  They are a Spanish based company focused on blogging.

Here are some questions I have for the company:

  • I read about a controversy in wikipedia related to GPL software usage.  As Spanish is not my strongest language, I wasn’t 100 percent sure what the problem is but it appears as if they may not be sharing GPL based source?  Is this a GPL violation, or is the software modified in such a way that the new code doesn’t need to be shared?
  • Also, I read that they were using an Open Source ERP software called Open Bravo (http://www.openbravo.com) and I am interested in knowing more.

OK, class is about to start – I may update with more questions as they come to mind.

  • New question:  What are some ways you’ve kept your company small and lean?  How do things work from an operational perspective?
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One Comment on “Weblogs SSL”

  1. Enrique Dans Says:

    Some people trying to find problems where there are none complain because Weblogs S.L. used LightPress, modified it, and didn’t publish the modified code. THese people think that publishing code is as easy as that. They don’t get that in order to publish code, that code needs to be properly documented, polished, thoroughly cleaned, etc., and even more important: finished. The modifications are not finished yet, they undoubtedly constitute a work in progress, and of course, they are not yet ready to be published. As soon as the code is considered complete and can be cleaned, it will of course be published. Doing so before is just absurd.

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